Exceptional conference with Richard Lenski and Guillaume Beslon on 11/18/19

We will welcome Richard Lenski, Professor at Michigan State University and founder of the LTEE project, Long-Term Experimental Evolution of Escherichia coli bacteria, as well as Guillaume Beslon, Professor at LIRIS and INSA-Lyon, invited by Dominique Schneider of the TIMC-GEM team for an exceptional conference on Monday, November 18 at 2:00 pm. Location: Superior South Amphi, Jean Roget Building, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Laboratory New Entrants Day on 11/12/19

The Laboratory New Entrants Day is organized on Tuesday, November 12, 2019.
The programme of this meeting will include a presentation of the laboratory and its departments, the various departments and staff representatives. This first half-day will be followed by a visit to our two sites and scientific platforms of different teams. After a meal shared together, a Health and Safety training will be organized. The day will end with a time devoted to new doctoral students proposed by their representatives.

News project VIP Room « VIrtual reality for oPerating Room »

The TIMC ThEMAS team and the Université Grenoble Alpes are collaborating with GEM, Grenoble École de Management, Imperial College London, the University of Heidelberg and the start-up Simango to launch the VIP Room project, and offer the first training using simulation & virtual reality for infection prevention at the surgical site.
Such a tool will make it possible to provide early training to better familiarize students with this sensitive environment, by raising their awareness and training them in a fun way on hygiene rules and infection control.