The TIMC-IMAG laboratory gathers scientists and clinicians towards the use of computer science and applied mathematics for understanding and controlling normal and pathological processes in biology and healthcare. This multi-disciplinary activity both contributes to the basic knowledge of those domains and to the development of systems for computer-assisted diagnosis and therapy.

TIMC-IMAG has more than 280 members in 12 research teams, including more than 160 permanent staff: researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

Its staff is made up of one-third doctoral students and post-docs.


Guardianships and partners


The TIMC-IMAG laboratory is a Joint Research Unit - UMR 5525 - shared by four institutions :

 CNRS, French National Center for Scientific Research

 UGA, Grenoble Alpes University

 Vetagro Sup, Veterinary Campus of Lyon

 Grenoble INP, Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble


Its institutional partners are CHU Grenoble Alpes and INSERM.


Laboratory instances


The Laboratory Directorate is assisted in its functions by various authorities.

These guarantee the coherence of scientific policy and its daily functioning :


Executive Office

Director: Philippe Cinquin

Deputy Director: François Boucher

Deputy Director: Yohan Payan

Office Manager: Stéphanie Berger


Executive Committee - Scientific Council

Executive Office and Research Team Leaders


Laboratory Council

 3 ex-officio members, 16 elected members, 5 appointed members