A new version of CamiTK is out !

CAMITK 4.1.2 Burgundy

Computer Assisted Medical Intervention Tool Kit - http://camitk.imag.fr


    What's new with CamiTK 4.1.2 Burgundy ?

    • A brand new name : CamiTK Community Edition
    • Log everything with the new log system

      New log system
    • Test what you develop with the inner improved test framework
    • In imp application, get more information from your model with new features in property explorer

      information displayed in Imp properties explorer
    • Contribute like you want or get latest code by visiting our new Gitlab environment.

    You can get CamiTK 4.1.2 Burgundy to use it in different ways:

    You should want too, to mix all of these ways of using CamiTK, it is up to you.

    The CamiTK Team - camitk.imag.fr