L’équipe PRETA du Laboratoire TIMC et l'Université Grenoble Alpes proposent une offre de post-doctorat ou ingénieur recherche en traitement des signaux biomédicaux cardiorespiratoires.


La physiologie cardio-respiratoire constitue le socle scientifique de l’équipe PRETA qui réunit des physiologistes, des cliniciens urgentistes, des spécialistes de l’instrumentation et des traiteurs de signaux. La vocation première de l’équipe est la mise au point de méthodes d’extraction de l’information guidées par des données physiologiques et physiopathologiques (modèles et usages).


Cette offre de

The Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG at the Université Grenoble Alpes (France) and Swansea University (United Kingdom), jointly invite applications for a three-year co-tutelle PhD programme focussing on: “Novel Protein Interface to Improve Biocompatibility of Implantable Medical Devices”. The scientific challenge of this project is to use novel protein-derived biopolymers in biomimetic membranes to address the technological challenge of improving the biocompatibility for biomembranes used for implanted medical devices (UGA-TIMC).
A Postdoctoral Scientist or Research Engineer position of 12 months is proposed at TIMC laboratory located at Grenoble. This position is in the research team SyNaBi, that is part of the laboratory TIMC-IMAG (UMR 5525). SyNaBi is a multidisciplinary research team that takes a bioinspired approach to develop innovative biotechnologies for implanted medical devices and diagnostics.
The Grenoble Alpes University offers a thesis position on "Biomechanics of the foot" as part of the European project STINTS, "SkinTissue Integrity under Shear” : "Coupling of custom-mechanical biomechanical multi-scale multi-physics Finite Element foot modelling for simulation-driven support surface optimization"
The Grenoble Alpes University and Arts et Metiers ParisTech School offer a thesis position on "Biomechanics of the buttocks tissues" as part of the European project STINTS, "SkinTissue Integrity under Shear”, from the EU research framework program Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions : "Mixed experimental and numerical approach for the personalized simulation of the poro-elastic response of pelvic soft tissues during the interaction with support surfaces."
TheREX team proposes a Master2 project about : ’Characterization of unpublished mutations identified in Candida spp. : involvement in antifungal resistance.’