Offre de Postdoc / Ingénieur recherche en traitement des signaux cardiorespiratoires

The PRETA team of the TIMC Laboratory and the University of Grenoble Alpes offer a post-doctoral fellowship or research engineer in cardiorespiratory biomedical signal processing.


Cardiorespiratory physiology is the foundation of the PRETA team, which brings together physiologists, emergency clinicians, instrumentation specialists and signal processors. The team's primary focus is the development of information extraction methods guided by physiological and pathophysiological data (models and uses).


This job offer is part of the DIGS project, "Digital Implantable Gastric Stethoscope", a multidisciplinary ANR (National Research Agency) project, which involves, among other things, SentinHealth, a young innovative company developing medical devices to assist in the diagnosis of chronic age-related diseases through AI approaches.




  • Type : CDD
  • Duration : 12 months, as soon as possible
  • Place : La Tronche, Grenoble
  • Contact : Pierre-Yves.Gumery [at]