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My PhD can be read here:

1. A PCR-based method for estimating parasitism rates in the olive fly parasitoids Psyttalia concolor and P. lounsburyi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Mathé-Hubert H., et al. 2013, Biological Control.

2. Statistical analysis of the individual variability of 1D protein profiles as a tool in ecology: an application to
parasitoid venom. Mathé-Hubert H., et al. 2015, Molecular Ecology Resources.

3. Comparative venomics of Psyttalia lounsburyi and P. concolor, two olive fruit fly parasitoids: a hypothetical role
for a GH1 β-glucosidase. Mathé-Hubert, H., et al. 2016, Scientific Reports.

4. Rapid and differential evolution of the venom composition of a parasitoid wasp depending on the host strain. Mathé-Hubert H., Cavigliasso F. (co-1 er auteurs) et al. 2019, Toxins.

5. Variation in the venom of parasitic wasps, drift, or selection? Insights from a multivariate Qst analysis. Mathé-Hubert, H., et al. 2019, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

6. Evolutionary costs and benefits of infection with diverse strains of Spiroplasma in pea aphids* Mathé-Hubert, H., et al. 2019, Evolution. [This publication has been the topic of a digest in Evolution :]

7. Nonrandom associations of maternally transmitted symbionts in insects: The roles of drift versus biased cotransmission and selection. Mathé-Hubert H., et al. 2019, Molecular Ecology. [This publication has been the topic of a perspective dans Molecular Ecology Perspectives :]


1. Variability of venom components in immune suppressive parasitoid wasps: from a phylogenetic to a population
approach. Colinet, D., Mathé-Hubert H., et al. 2013, J. Insect Physiol., 59(2), 205-212.

2. The effect of mating system on invasiveness: some genetic load may be advantageous when invading new
environments. Bazin, É., Mathé-Hubert, H., et al. 2014 Biological Invasions, 16(4), 875-886.

3. Rapid evolution of symbiont - mediated resistance compromises biological control of aphids by parasitoids. Käch, H., Mathé-Hubert, H., et al. 2018. Evolutionary Applications, (August), 1–11.