Scientific theme and general objectives

The BioMMat team is performing research on the mechanical behavior of bio-materials. The term bio-material is here referring to organic materials or artificial materials that may be used in medical engineering. Our research aims to tackle different challenges:

  • Understand, model and analyze the mechanical/thermo-mechanical behavior of these materials while continuously pushing back the current knowledge frontiers.

  • Understand, predict and analyze the influence of different parameters on the created objects such as spatial architecture, boundaries interaction in composite materials, fabrication process, etc.

  • Designing architectured material mimicking the required mechanical properties depending on the aimed application (surgical flaps reinforcement, prosthesis, brace, etc.).


The BioMMat team expertise is thus well known in the scientific community in the field of artificial materials such as Nickel Titanium Shape memory alloy, silicone elastomers, bioresorbable elastomers, etc. Current prospects are oriented toward studying organic materials in and ex vivo such as cartilage, urethra, arteries.


Research topics
  • Mechanical properties experimental study of architectured material and their constitutive materials.

  • Mechanical behavior models of the constitutive materials.

  • Mechanical behavior model of the architectured materials.

  • In vivo and ex vivo study of organic material mechanical properties.


Team members
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Address: TIMC-IMAG laboratory, BioMMat team, Pavillon TAILLEFER, IN3S, 38706 LA TRONCHE CEDEX - FRANCE