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- BCM - (M. Blum) : Computational and Mathematical Biology
- BioMMat -( D. Favier) : Biomedical and Mechanical engineering of Materials
- BNI-(M.F. Delauw) : Natural barrier and infectivity
- DyCTiM -( Y. Usson) :Dynamics of Cells / Tissues and Functional Microscopy
- EPSP- (A. Maitre) : Environment and Health Prediction in Populations
- GEM-(D. Schneider) : Genomics and Evolution of Microorganisms
- GMCAO/CAMI - (Y. Payan) : Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
- PRETA - (F. Boucher) : Integrative physiology of cardio-respiratory system and its interactions with nutrition or assisted ventilation
- SPM - (V. Nougier) : Understanding postural and movement control in normal and pathological persons.
- SyNabi- (D. Martin) : Biomimetic Systems for Nanobiotechnology et Biotechnology.
- ThEMAS - (B. Allenet) : Techniques for Evaluation and Modeling of Health Actions
- TheREx- (B. Polack) : Experimental Recombinant Therapy

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