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Réferences récentes


• El Ichi S, Martin DK, Cinquin P, Zebda A (2014). “Réacteurs implantables biocompatibles” Brevet N°14/52534

• Cinquin P, Martin DK (2007). “Biomimetic artificial membrane device”, PCT/EP2008/058253, WO/2009/003936


• Russian translation : Martin DK (ed).“Nanobiotechnology of Biomimetic Membranes”, published MIR, Moscow, 2012

Chapters in books

• Martin DK, Cornell BA, Liguori L, Lenormand JL, Alcaraz JP, Scolan G, Cinquin P (2013). Ion-transporting Supported and Tethered Lipid Bilayers that Incorporate Biological Membrane Transport Proteins. In Katsaras J (ed.) “Liposomes, Lipid Bilayers and Model Membranes : From Basic Research to Application”, Taylor & Francis (in press)

• Simpson AM, Swan AM, Jiu GJ, Tao C, O’Brien BA, Ch’ng E, Leticia-Castro M, Ting J, Elgundi Z, An T, Lutherborrow, Torpy F, Martin DK, Tuch BE, Nicholson GM (2012). Insulin Trafficking in a Glucose Responsive Engineered Human Liver Cell Line is Regulated by the Interaction of ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels and Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels. InTech, Slovakia (in press)

• Martin DK, Schyvens CG, Wyse KR, Bursill JA, Owe-Young RA, Macdonald PS, Campbell TJ (2012). Role of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in Modulating Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells by Activating Large-Conductance Potassium Ion Channels. In Fatima Shad K (ed.) “Patch Clamp Technique”, InTech, Slovakia, ISBN 979-953-307-386-5

Articles in professional and scientific journals

Picollet-D’hahan N, Gerbaud S, Kermarrec F, Alcaraz JP, Obeid P, Ricky Bhajun R, Guyon L, Sulpice E, Cinquin P, Dolega M, Wagh J, Gidrol X, Martin DK (2013). The modulation of attachment, growth and morphology of cancerous prostate cells by polyelectrolyte nanofilms. Biomaterials, 34:100099-10108

Zebda, A. ; Cosnier, S. ; Alcaraz, J.-P. ; Holzinger, M. ; Le Goff, A. ; Gondran, C. ; Boucher, F. ; Giroud, F. ; Gorgy, K. ; Lamraoui, H. ; Cinquin, P (2013). Single glucose biofuel cells implanted in rats power electronic devices Sci. Rep. 3:1516 doi:10.1038/srep01516

• Reuillard, B. ; Le Goff, A. ; Agnès, C. ; Holzinger, M. ; Zebda, A. ; Gondran, C. ; Elouarzaki, K. ; Cosnier, S (2013). High power enzymatic biofuel cell based on naphtoquinone-mediated oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase in a carbon nanotube 3D matrix. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15:4892-4896.

• Martin DK (2013). Implantable biofuel cells. International Innovation, September:99-101

• Martin DK (2013). Building on biomimetics. Pan European Networks Science & Technology, 09:214-215

• A. Zebda, C. Gondran, P. Cinquin, S. Cosnier (2012). Glucose biofuel cell construction based on enzyme, graphite particle and redox mediator compression. Sensors & Actuators B, 173:760-764

• B. Reuillard, A. Le Goff, C. Agnès, A. Zebda, M. Holzinger, S. Cosnier (2012). Direct electron transfer between tyrosinase and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for bioelectrocatalytic oxygen reduction. Electrochem. Commun., 20:19-22

• Stidder B, Alcaraz JP, Liguori L, Khalef N, Bakri A, Watkins E, Cinquin P, Martin DK (2012). Biomimetic membrane system composed of a composite interpenetrating hydrogel film and lipid bilayer. Advanced Functional Materials, 22:4259-4267

• Valenzuela SM, Berkahn M ; Porkovich A, Huynh T, Goyette J, Martin DK, Geczy CL (2011). Soluble structure of CLIC and S100 proteins investigated by atomic force microscopy. Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology. 2:8-17

• A. Zebda, C. Gondran, A. Le Goff, M. Holzinger, P. Cinquin and S. Cosnier (2011), Nature Commun, 2:370.

Professional and scientific conferences

• D. Martin (2013). invited to speak at the “World Conference on Biological and Biomedical Science” that was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 23-27 September

• El Ichi S., Zebda A., Alcaraz J.-P., Penven G., Martin D., Cinquin P. (2013). Optimisation de la durée de vie en fonctionnement continu d’une biopile implantable, Journées d’Electrochimie, 8-12 Juillet 2013, Paris, France

• Alcaraz JP., Zebda A., Boucher F., Cosnier S., Gondran C., Lamraoui H., Martin DK., Cinquin P. (2013). Miniaturised glucose biofuel cell implanted in a rat produces enough power to drive external electronic devices. Nanobio Europe that was held in Toulouse France from 10-12 june.

• D. Martin (2013). invited to speak at the “245th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition” that was held in New Orleans, U.S.A. from 7-11 April

• D. Martin (2012). invited to speak at the “IEEE International Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble (ISCDG)” in the One-day Short Course “Innovative Paths for Future Applications in Information Heterogeneous Technologies” that was held in Grenoble, France from 24-26 September

• D. Martin (2012). invited to speak at the “1st International Symposium on Nanomedicine in Drug Delivery and Cancer Diagnosis” that was held in Newark, Delware, U.S.A. from 16-17 August
• D. Martin (2012). invited to speak at the “16th World Congress of Food Science and Technology of IUFoST” that was held in Foz do Iguassu, PR, Brazil from 5-9 August

• D. Martin (2012). invited to speak at “MIGAS 2012 International Summer School on Advanced Microelectronics” that was held in Autrans, France from 23-29 June

• P. Cinquin, S. Cosnier, D. Martin (2012). Implanted BioFuel Cells 2ème Journées Nationales sur la Récupération et le Stockage d’Energie pour l’alimentation des microsystèmes autonomes, Grenoble, 26-27 March

• Reuillard, A. Le Goff, C. Agnès, A. Zebda, K. Elouarzaki, C. Gondran, M. Holzinger, S. Cosnier (2012). Biopiles glucose/O2 à base de nanotubes de carbones : optimisation du transfert électronique et de la diffusion des substrats. Société Chimique de France Section Rhône-Alpes « Journée de Printemps » Lyon 7 June

• Reuillard, A. Le Goff, C. Agnès, A. Zebda, K. Elouarzaki, C. Gondran, M. Holzinger, S. Cosnier (2012). Optimisation du transfert électronique enzyme-nanotubes de carbones dans une biopile glucose/O2 XIIIth Workshop of French Group of Bioelectrochemistry & the 8th Sino-French Workshop on « Surface Electrochemistry of Molecules of Biological Interest & Biosensor Applications » Lacanau-Océan (France) September 24-28

• A. Zebda, P. Cinquin, A. Le Goff, J.-P. Alcaraz, C. Gondran, F. Boucher, M. Holzinger, S. Cosnier (2012). Implantable glucose enzymatic biofuel cells XIIIth Workshop of French Group of Bioelectrochemistry & the 8th Sino-French Workshop on « Surface Electrochemistry of Molecules of Biological Interest & Biosensor Applications » Lacanau-Océan. (France) September 24-28

• P. Cinquin, S. Cosnier, D. Martin (2012). Biopiles implantables bio-inspirées Journée « Nanosciences pour l’énergie » Salon MESURExpoVISION, Paris, 23 octobre

• Zebda A., S. Cosnier. Cinquin P (2011). Implantable glucose biofuel cell. BIT’s 2nd Annual World Congress of NanoMedicine-2011

• Alcaraz JP., Stidder B., Liguori L., Cinquin P., Martin D. (2011). Production of Energy from Na+ Ion Transport utilising Nanostructured Biomimetic Membranes. Congrès général de la Société Française de Physique that was held in Bordeaux France from 4-8 july.

• D. Martin (2011). invited to speak at “2nd Workshop on Nano et Micro Environments for Cell Biology”, Fondation Nanosciences, Grenoble, France, that was held on 24 June

• D. Martin (2011). invited to speak at “European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Meeting” that was held in Nice, France from 9-13 May

• D. Martin (2011). invited to speak at “International Symposium on Applications of Nanotechnology and Biosensors in Agriculture and Food”, that was held in Hangzhou, China from 13-16 April

• D. Martin (2011). invited to speak at “International Workshop Bilayers at the ILL”, Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France, that was held from 12-14 January

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