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Main research topics
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From a fundamental point of view, our current research focuses on the anticipated postural adjustments, through the life span, when raising a load and as a function of various task parameters (cognitive load in double task situations, complexity of the induced postural perturbation, complexity of the movement to execute, initial subjects’ position, available information, etc.)
Complementarily, our work finds its biomedical applications in the health context through two main roads :
- improvement of the support to patients suffering from sensory, motor rand/or cognitive deficits. Children, elderly people, diabetic or amputees patients presenting postural, locomotor and/or motor troubles are mainly concerned.
- assistance to health workers : The development of sensory supplementation devices designated to the optimization of surgical movements and the development of data bases aiming at better predicting the factors of falls in elderly people are at the centre of our current activity.

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Typical experimental task for investigating the control processes in posture - movement interactions.
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Task used for investigating anticipated postural adjustments when raising an arm.
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Reyes filaments for measuring plantar sensitivity in a postural control task in elderly people.
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Electromyographic activity of postural and focal muscles in an arm raising task. The postural muscles are activated prior to the focal muscle, as indicated by t0.

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