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Scientific activities
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Morphogenesis of a podosomes ring at the basal surface of an adherent 3T3 fibroblast

Integrative biology of cell division and migration

- From cell migration to vascular morphogenesis : computational biology of cell motility, optimisation of anti-angiogenic therapies

- Cell cycle dynamics and tumor progression : transcriptome temporal analysis, cell sociology and virtual tumour library

Normal and pathological tissues morphodynamics and mechanobiology

- Mechanobiology of angiogenesis : multi-scale modelling of in vitro angiogenesis, systems biology approach of mechanotransduction pathways and cells mechanotropism

- Biomechanic and mechanobiology of the atheroma plaque : analysis of stress-strain relationships potentially triggering the inflammatory process leading to atheroma plaque formation

- Phenotype-genotype relationships during normal and pathological heart development (Resp. P.S. Jouk) : modelling the spatial organisation of ventricle myocardium, application to diagnosis

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Morphogenesis of endothelial cells networks
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Simulation, phase-contrast videomicroscopy
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computed 2D von Mises stress map

Quantitative imaging of cells and tissues

- Tissues modulography and extension to quantitative cell imaging

- High output cells and tissues in situ proteomic

- Original developments in functional microscopy of living cells and tissues

Specific methodological approaches

- Photonic imaging (spectral imaging, FRET, holographic microscopy)

- Microscale measurements of cell and tissue mechanical properties (micropipette aspiration, atomic force microscopy)

- Finite element simulations of nonlinear and free-boundary multiphysic problems

- Cell transfection, cell cultures on rigid and deformable substrates with tunable stiffness

- Immuno-cyto-histochemistry, non-conventional histology

- Tissue micro arrays (TMA)

Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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