Prostate biopsies

Computer-assisted prostate biopsies

Biopsies are performed when cancer is suspected. In the case of prostate cancer, trans-rectal biopsies are acquired under trans-rectal echographic control according to a pre-determined schema (for instance 12 samples taken from the gland). Because echographic control is bi-dimensional, accurately executing the planned schema is difficult. It is why we propose to guide passively biopsies based on registration of intra-operative data to data used for pre-planning. The challenge lies in the high mobility of the prostate; this requires developing real-time registration capabilities. A first very simplified version of the ProNav system allows interacting with the urologists.

Reference: Bucki M., Dauliac B., Daanen V., Moalic R., Descotes J.L., Troccaz J. ProNav : a navigation software for prostate biopsies. In Proceedings of Surgetica’2005, Troccaz J., Merloz P. (Eds), Sauramps Medical, 2005, pp479-483 (PDF)

Collaborations: Grenoble Hospital (Pr Descotes , Dr Moalic, Dr Long – Urology dept), La Pitié Salpétrière Hospital (Dr Mozer – urology dept) – Praxim-Medivision

Status: supported by the PHRC national 2003 Prostate-écho; one on-going thesis

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Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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