hip arthroplasty

A methodology for the evaluation of guiding systems. Application to total hip arthroplasty

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No standard methodology exists for validating computer-aided surgery; therefore system evaluation is difficult especially when no ideal clinical goal can be specified. Thus, we have developed an approach enabling the evaluation of both an intrinsic system accuracy and an error resulting from the clinical application. Such a method has been applied to the evaluation of an image-less computer-aided guidance for total hip arthroplasty. Two parallel studies of cup orientation on SawbonesTM and patients have pointed out some critical stages of the system when clinically applied. This will allow the improvement of the system clinical usability.


S. Blendea. Accuracy measurements algorithm applied in image-free navigation for total hip arthroplasty, Master Report, ED ISCE (MIMB), UJF, 2005 – long version in French, short version in English

Collaborations: Grenoble University Hospital (Dr Blendea, Pr Merloz – Orthopedics and traumatology dept) – PRAXIM-Medivision

Status: on-going study on patients

Contact: jocelyne.troccaz@imag.fr

Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

Grenoble INP
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