Prostate brachytherapy

MRI /US data fusion for prostate brachytherapy

This project aimed at improving echographic data interpretation during prostate brachytherapy. Pre-operative MRI data are automatically registered to intra-operative trans-rectal ultrasound images using a 3D/3D elastic surface matching. For each echographic image, the corresponding MRI data are computed and a composite image is produced. The user can interact with the image. This facilitates USimage segmentation (especially close to the prostate extremities) from which dosimetric planning is performed.

C. Reynier, J. Troccaz, P. Fourneret, A. Dusserre, C. Gay-Jeune, J.L. Descotes, M. Bolla, J.-Y. Giraud. MRI/TRUS data fusion for prostate brachytherapy. Preliminary results. Medical Physics, vol31, no6, pp1568-1575, June 2004 (PDF)

Collaborations: Grenoble University Hospital (Pr Descotes - Urology department; Dr Fourneret, Pr Bolla and Mr Giraud, Radiotherapy dept)

Status: patented, clinical validation running – program PHRC Prostate-écho

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Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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