Inference of rheological laws from indentation measurements
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This project aims at proposing a methodology for inferring rheological constitutive laws (stress/strain relationship) from in vitro indentation experiments.

The idea consists in building a Finite Element Analysis of the indentation experiment and in inferring, through an optimization process, the constitutive law that will provide the force/displacement measurements observed during the experiment. This methodology was evaluated with facial and lingual soft tissues.

Publications :

- Gerard J.M., Ohayon J., Luboz V., Perrier P. & Payan Y. (2004). Indentation for estimating the human tongue soft tissues constitutive law: application to a 3D biomechanical model to study speech motor control and pathologies of the upper airways. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3078, pp. 77-83. (PDF)

- Gerard J.M., Ohayon J., Luboz V., Perrier P. & Payan Y. (2005). Non linear elastic properties of the lingual and facial tissues assessed by indentation technique. Application to the biomechanics of speech production. Medical Engineering & Physics, Vol. 27, pp. 884-892 (PDF)

Collaborations : Institut de la Communication Parlée, INPG (P. Perrier) ; Toulouse Biomechanics Laboratory (P. Swider) ; DynaCell Team, TIMC (J. Ohayon).

Status : Work in progress.

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Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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