PRETA : Applied, Theoretical and Experimental cardio-Respiratory Physiology
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Scientific theme and objectives

Respiratory physiology has been the original field of scientific activity of PRETA. Our research interests now include the cardio-respiratory interaction in humans, the interactions between cardiac cell physiology and pathophysiology and nutrition, and the study of impaired lung function in several inflammation injuries.

The strength of our research relies on two specific areas :
- the studies are multidisciplinary with a close collaboration between biologists,
physiologists, engineers, theorists and clinicians. The collaboration allows the
development of new methods of non-invasive recording techniques which can be easily applied in patients as well as healthy persons.
- experimental data and clinical observations are bases for the development of
explicative (mathematical) and descriptive (time-scale) models of the interaction between physiological systems.

We propose « integrative physiology » as a fruitful model for the study of
pathophysiological processes. We suggest that the primary effect of a physiological dysfunction is on the interactions between different physiological systems : the intact systems must compensate for the functional deficit of the affected ones in order to maintain normal body function. Being able to quantify changes in physiological interactions, we hope to increase the sensitivity of the methods of early diagnosis of changes in the cardiac and/or respiratory functions. Early detection of physiological dysfunction has an important social implication especially in aging populations as well as for healthy people in stressful environments.

Research topics

- Physiology of cardio-respiratory system (cornerstone)
- Development of methods for non stationary physiological signal analysis
- Study of lung capillary-alveolar function under different patho-physiological
- Experimental cardiac cell physiology, ischemic desease and nutrition

Transfer and Innovation

PRETA collaborates with medical equipment companies (TAEMA, an Air Liquide
subsidiary, MAQUET), pharmaceutical companies (Biopharma, Eukarion,
Physiogenex, Sanofi-Aventis) and the producers of recording techniques (AII, RBI,
NOTOCORD). ).The team also has strong clinical partnership (AP-HP, CHU of
Grenoble, …) These collaborations resulted in obtaining governmental grants or
PhD support (CIFRE) for further development of biomedical equipment (ORGAR and
SuPerCo projects).

Academic involment

Members of PRETA have administrative and teaching duties at undergraduate
(Professional bachelor’s degree « Animal breeding, Physiological and
pathophysiological technologies) graduate (Medicine faculty, Ecole Polytechnique de
l’université Grenoble 1 (Polytech’Grenoble)) and post-graduate (Master “Engineering
for Health and Drugs”, Doctoral School Engineering for Health, Cognition and
Environment) levels.
Therefore, PRETA has unique teaching experience in multidisciplinary areas.

Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

Grenoble INP
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