Revues (2004)

Integrative biology of cell division and migration
Tissue morphodynamics and mechanobiology
Quantitative imaging of cells and tissues

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Biomechanical Interaction between Blood Pressure, Cap Thickness, and Lipid Core Composition in Vulnerable Coronary Plaque : Impact on Stability or Instability.
G. FINET, J. OHAYON and RIOUFOL G.Coronary Artery Disease 15 : 13-20, 2004.

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Analysis of nonlinear responses of adherent epithelial cells probed by magnetic bead twisting : a finite element model based on an homogenization approach.
Ohayon, J., P. Tracqui, R. Fodil, S. Féréol, V. Laurent, E. Planus and D. Isabey, J. Biomech. Engin., 126(6):685-698, 2004.

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A model-baed approach devoted to endovascular elastography.
Maurice R.L., Ohayon J., Finet G., Cloutier G. J. of the Acoustical Society of America, 116 (2):1276-1286, 2004.

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Transmission of mechanical stresses within the cytoskeleton of adherent cells : a theoretical analysis based on a multi-component model
Tracqui P. & J. Ohayon, Acta Biotheoretica 52, 323-341, 2004

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Model driven quantification of individual and collective cell migration
C. Rosello, P. Ballet, E. Planus & P. Tracqui, Acta Biotheoretica 52, 343-363, 2004

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A mathematical model for the dynamics of large membrane deformations of isolated fibroblasts
Stephanou A., MAJ Chaplain & P. Tracqui, Bull. Math. Biology 66, 1119-1154, 2004

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Critical conditions for pattern formation and in vitro tubulogenesis driven by cellular traction fields
Namy P., J. Ohayon and P. Tracqui, J. Theor. Biol. 227 (1), 103-120, 2004

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Non-invasive vascular elastography : theoretical framework.
R.L. MAURICE, J. OHAYON, Y. FRETIGNY, M. BERTRAND, G. SOULEZ and CLOUTIER G. IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging (in press), 2004

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Subcellular heterogeneity of mitochondrial function and dysfunction : evidence obtained by confocal imaging,
Mol. Cell. Biochem.,2004, 256-257:359-365.

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Transplantation., 2004, 77(5):754-756.

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Magn. Reson. Med.,2004, 51 (3) : 533-541.

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Photobleaching, mobility and compartmentalisation : inferences in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Journal of Fluorescence,2004, 14(3):255-267.

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Forest L., San Martin J., Padilla F., Chassat F., Giroud F., Demongeot J. Morphogenetic processes : application to cambial growth dynamics, Acta Biotheor., 2004, 52(4):415-38.


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