Revues (2000)

Integrative biology of cell division and migration
Tissue morphodynamics and mechanobiology
Quantitative imaging of cells and tissues

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Dynamic behaviour of cell monolayers during in vitro wound healing : a quantitative study by optical flow analysis.
X. RONOT, A. DOISYand P. TRACQUI. Cytometry 41 : 19-30, 2000.

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Mechanical signaling and angiogenesis : the integration of cell - extracellular matrix couplings.
L. TRANQUI and P. TRACQUI, C.R. Acad. Sci., sér. III.322(1) : 1-17, 2000.

Quantification and macroscopic modelling of the nonlinear viscoelastic behaviour of strained gels with varying fibrin concentrations,

Qualitative and quantitative descriptions of the mechanisms of action of the angioplasty balloon on coronary stenosis. An endovascular ultrasonic study. G. FI NET,
F. ABRYSCH, G. RIOUFOL, J. OHAYON and LAGACHE M. Arch Mal Coeur Vaiss. 93(9) : 1109-17, 2000.

N. Caudron, O. Valiron, Y. Usson, P. Valiron, D. Job,
A reassessment of the factors affecting microtubule assembly and disassembly in vitro.,
Journal of Molecular Biology, 297 (1) : 211-220, 2000.

C. Francois, C. Moreno, J. Teitelbaum, G. Bigras, I. Salmon, A. Danguy, G. Brugal, R. van Velthoven, R. Kiss, C. Decaestecker,
Improving accuracy in the grading of renal cell carcinoma by combining the quantitative description of chromatin pattern with the quantitative determination of cell kinetic parameters,
Cytometry, 42(1) : 18-26, 2000

D. Guinard, Y. Usson, C. Guillermet, R. Saxod,
PS-100 and NF 70-200 Double Immunolabeling for Human Digital Skin Meissner Corpuscle 3D Imaging,
J Histochem Cytochem, 48(2) : 295-302, 2000.

M. Hazzouri, S. Rousseaux, F. Mongelard, Y. Usson, R. Pelletier, A.-K. Faure, C. Vourc’h, B. Sele, Genome organization in the human sperm nucleus studied by FISH and confocal microscopy, Mol Reprod Dev, 55 : 307-315, 2000.

L. Héliot, F. Mongelard, C. Klein, M-F. O’Donohue, J-M. Chassery, M. Robert-Nicoud, Y. Usson, Nonrandom distribution of metaphase AgNOR staining patterns on human acrocentric chromosomes,
J. Histochem. Cytochem., 48 : 13-20, 2000.

P.-S. Jouk, Y. Usson, G. Michalowicz, L. Grossi,
Three-Dimensional cartography of the pattern of the myofibres in the second trimester fetal human heart. Anatomy andEmbryology, 202:103-118, 2000.

M. Hazzouri, C. Pivot-Pajot, A.-K. Faure, Y. Usson, R. Pelletier, B. SËle, S. Khochbin, S. Rousseaux, Regulated hyperacetylation of core histones during mouse spermatogenesis : involvement of histone-deacetylases. European Journal of Cell Biology, 79:950-960, 2000.

C. Metzler-Guillemain, Y. Usson, C. Mignon, D. Depetris, G. Dubreuil, M. R. Guichaoua, M. G. Mattei,
Dynamic organisation of the X and Y chromosomes in human, chimpanzee and mouse pachytene nuclei using molecular cytogenetics and three-dimensional confocal analyses,
Chromosome Research, 8:571-584, 2000.

F. Baffert,Y. Usson, L. Tranqui, Effects of prolonged exposure to hypoxia on morphological changes of endothelial cells plated on fibrin gel,
Eur J Cell Biol, 80 (1):78-86, 2000.

G. Haroske, F. Giroud, K.D. Kunze, W. Meyer ;
A telepathology based virtual reference and certification centre for DNA image cytometry. Analytical Cellular Pathology, 21:149-159, 2000


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