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Partners involved in the An@tomy2020’s project:

  • TIMC (Computer-Assisted Medical Intervention team from Techniques for biomedical engineering and complexity management – informatics, mathematics and applications laboratory), project coordinator, is specialized in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics for Healthcare applications; TIMC will coordinate the project and will be mostly involved in user body modeling.
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  • Anatoscope is a start-up specialized in anatomy transfer and real-time animation; the company will contribute to user body modeling and will coordinate platform integration.
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  • Gipsa-Lab (speech and cognition department from Grenoble Images Speech Signal and Control laboratory) studies the behavioral and cognitive processes underlying communicative interactions. It will evaluate the cognitive processes of embodied learning when using new interactive devices.
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  • LIBM (Inter-University Laboratory of Human Movement Biology) will bring its knowledge in the study of cognitive processes involved in anatomy learning. LIBM members will also coordinate platform evaluation.
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  • LIG (Engineering Human-Computer Interaction team from Grenoble Informatics Laboratory) has extensive experience in designing, developing and evaluating interaction techniques and will coordinate the tasks related to interaction techniques in augmented reality.
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  • LJK (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science laboratory) will coordinate formatting and accessibility of the anatomical knowledge and educational content.
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