The aim of the project is to provide innovative

The aim of the project is to provide innovative educational tools to improve the acquisition of anatomical knowledge and to evaluate them in real learning conditions. This educational objective generates scientific objectives in different domains : the need for augmented visualization of the user body motion requires generating and animating real-time user specific, realistic, anatomical models from multi-view capture; this new way of learning anatomy necessitates also new interaction techniques with models and data to improve learning. The approach involves theoretical hypotheses related to spatial representation and embodiment.
The platform will allow to validate our hypotheses and to demonstrate the educational added-value of our approach. It will be used for evaluation with students in medicine and kinesiology.

Scientific challenges

The project is organized along three main scientific axes :

The aim of the first axis is to provide scientific approaches and technical solutions to capture and animate an accurate model of the user’s body in real-time. A high quality anatomy transfer is required to generate augmented reality views of the user from a deformed generic model.

The second axis is dedicated to interaction techniques for precise and seamless interaction in the mixed environment. The aim is to design optimal interaction techniques based on augmented reality methods. Users’ evaluations will be ran to measure their effects on users’ performances, usage convenience, but also on the way knowledge is acquired and represented in users’ memory.

The third axis is related to the educational contents and the metrics used for evaluation of trainee abilities. The aim will be to design and test learning scenarios that will integrate the new tools and allow their adaptations to real needs.

Four main "technical" workpackages plus one overall project work plan workpackage are proposed, see here for details.

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