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Welcome to the ANR project "An@tomy2020"

Based on evidences that body movements could improve anatomy learning, the An@tomy2020 project aims at developing an innovative educational platform to facilitate learning of functional anatomy.

This educational tool will boost the learners’ spatial abilities helping them building a better spatial representation of the anatomical structure. The system will allow connecting learner’s body to anatomical knowledge by tackling technical challenges in relation to pedagogical challenges.

An@tomy2020 will provide a device able to track user movements in real time and give direct controlled feedback on representation of the body. We will associate real-time animation of an anatomically realistic model of the user from data acquired with commodity depth sensors and suitable pieces of knowledge extracted from anatomical ontology plus interaction techniques. These associations will favor the construction of 3D spatial representations of the body in motion and the embodiment of knowledge.

This platform will integrate recent advances in computer graphics and human-computer interaction with recent insights in educational and cognitive sciences to design and test optimal scenarios for anatomy learning. Optimal interactive techniques will be evaluated. In parallel, the platform will be experienced with medicine and kinesiology students, in real learning conditions.

Six partners participate to this interdisciplinary project funded by the ANR *French National Research Agency (ANR-16-CE38-0011).

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  • TIMC-IMAG Techniques for biomedical engineering and complexity management – informatics, mathematics and applications - Computer-Assisted Medical Intervention team
  • Anatoscope Start-up specialized in anatomy transfer and real-time animation
  • Gipsa-Lab Grenoble Images Speech Signal and Control - Speech and cognition department
  • LIBM Inter-University Laboratory of Human Movement Biology
  • LIG Grenoble Informatics Laboratory - Engineering Human-Computer Interaction team
  • LJK Applied Mathematics and Computer Science laboratory

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Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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