Genetics and Evolution of Microorganismes

The adaptation of living organisms to environments results from constant genetic modifications and restructuring of regulatory and metabolic networks. Our team aims mainly at understanding and quantifying this adaptive potential in bacteria and, more generally, at characterizing molecular and ecological mechanisms of evolution. Our goal is to clarify the interplay between genetic/genomic modifications and phenotypic changes related to various biological functions, some of which being directly associated to health problems (virulence antibiotic resistance). We also exploit information from evolutionary analyses of bacteria to reveal fundamental mechanisms at the core of their functioning. The goal is to develop an evolutionary systems biology approach that captures the integrated properties of microorganisms, their innovative capacities (evolvability) and their resilience (robustness).
Our approach is interdisciplinary. It combines experimental evolution, cellular biology, genetics, biochemistry, comparative genomics and biophysical modeling. Three topics are more specifically developed:

• Evolutionary mechanisms of phenotypic innovation in bacteria (Head: Dominique Schneider)
• Studies of quinone biosynthesis and connection to metabolism (Head: Fabien Pierrel)
• Evolution of bacterial genomes and coordination of gene expression (Head: Ivan Junier)

The team:

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From left to right : Otmane Lamrabet (Post-doc), Mickael Martin (Lab Technician UGA), Amélie Amblard (Technical Assistant UGA), Thibaut Lepage (Post-doc), Laurie-Anne Payet (Post-doct), Jérémy Curot (PhD student), Dominique Schneider (Professor, head), Joël Gaffé (Senior lecturer), Antonia Suau-Pernet (Professor), Fabien Pierrel (Researcher, CNRS), Ludovic Pelosi (Senior lecturer), Ivan Junier (Researcher, CNRS), Thomas Hindré (Senior lecturer), Jessika Consuegra (PhD student), Corinne Mercier (Senior lecturer, absent).

Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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