Biomedical and Mechanical engineering of Materials

Biomedical and Mechanical engineering of Materials

BioMMat team conducts research on biomaterials mechanical behavior for both living tissues and artificial materials used in medical engineering.
BioMMat group focus on three artificial materials :

-  Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloys
-  Silicone elastomers
-  Bio-resorbable elastomers

These studies are based on experimental characterizations and use modern methods of measurement to analyze physical phenomena involved in the thermo mechanical behavior.
Constitutive laws of materials are developed and implemented in numerical simulation softwares.

To design medical devices like prostheses, surgical instruments,… the previous approach of modelling can be used to develop applications with existing materials or architectured materials with optimized mechanical properties thanks to an intermediate scale of structuring between microstructure and the application.

This structuring can be obtained by geometrical patterns (knitting, crenellated shape, honeycomb panel based on tubes stacking,…) to give specific properties to architectured biomaterials.

An other structuring can be obtained thanks to gradient of properties. For example gradient can be obtained by local reticulation for silicone elastomer or by local heat treatment for NiTi shape memory alloys.

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