SyNaBi team

SyNaBi Team

Nanobiotechnologic and Biomimetic Systems and Biotechnologies

SyNaBi is a new team in TIMC-IMAG that target fondamental and applied researchs in nanobiotechnologies and membranar biomimetic systems. These systems provide the research core to obtain electrical energy from the body (IBFC) to power the next generation of implantable devices.

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The research themes are based on the team combined skills in the field of (i) electrochemistry and biochemistry, (ii) molecular and cellular biology, and (iii) biomimetic membranes, bioengineering, and biophysic.

SyNaBi has got 3 rigs:

An electrochemical system with 2 potentiostats (Biologic VSP300 and VSP) and specific devices for studying electrical behavior on membranes.

A complete system of patch-clamp (Axon, Molecular Devices, Scientifica) and impedance spectroscopy (Tethapod, Tethapatch+potentiostat 466)

A diffusion cell system to study in parallel diffusion of molecules through membranes.

In addition, SyNaBi regularly obtain beam-time access in the Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) to investigate biomimetic systems with neutron reflectivity.

Fondation of SyNaBi team :

From 2008 to 2011, TIMC-IMAG hosted an “chair of Excellence” for Professor Donald Martin from the Nanosciences Foundation. The project of the Chair of Excellence was called " MEKANO : artificial biomimetic membrane systems to generate electrochemical energy ." MEKANO was based on the results of several works including : (i ) a patent for the UJF which was prepared in 2007 by Professor Philippe Cinquin and Prof. Martin for different applications for electricity production using biomimetic membrane systems , (ii) previous research of Prof. Martin in Australia about nanobiotechnology with the production of an "artificial cell" . This biomimetic system composed of a lipid bilayer incorporating recombinant ion channels on a polyelectrolyte layer , performs the specific transport of K + ions and ( iii ) the publication by Springer in 2007 written by Prof. Martin book on nanobiotechnology of biomimetic membranes.

In 2012, all the research on the glucose biofuel cell and biomimetic biofuel cell were combined in SyNaBi team.

Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

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