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Conférences internationales

Bardet JD, Vo TH, Bosson JL, Bedouch P, Allenet B ; Community Pharmacists’ perspective in General Practitioner – Community Pharmacist collaboration initiation in France : a qualitative study ; 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy ; Haiphong, 13 – 15 september 2013 (accepted for oral communication)
Bardet JD, Vo TH, Bosson JL, Bedouch P, Allenet B ; General Practitioner – Community Pharmacist Collaboration Models : a systematic review ; The European Society of Clinical Pharmacy International Workshop ; Edinburgh, 30 – 31 may 2013 (oral communication)
Bardet JD, Charpiat B, Rebillon M, Bedouch P, Tourette-Turgis C, Allenet B ; Beliefs in liver transplantation : an exploratory qualitative study based on the Self-Regulation Model in one year or more liver-transplanted patients ; 41st European Society of Clinical Pharmacy Symposium ; Barcelona, 29 – 31 october 2012 (Poster)

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