International relationships

TIMC-IMAG collaborates with foreign universities under different forms : cooperations within the european research framework (integrated projects, networks of excellence, etc.) o within international exchange programs, co-direction of PhD theses, collaborations with former doctoral or post-doctoral students, etc. The laboratory also collaborates with foreign industrial companies.

The recent or on-going collaborations are with :
- Departments of Mechanical Engineering (Pr A. Hogdson) and Electrical Engineering (Pr T. Salcudean), University of British Columbia Vancouver,(Canada)
- CogWorks Laboratory (W. Gray) of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (New-York, USA)
- Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (A.L. Veutey)
- Federal University of Rio Grande Do Sul (Pr J. R. Iglesias), Porto Alegre, (Brazil)
- CMM Laboratory of Santiago University (Chile)
- UAEM (A.Vilchis and J.C. Avila) Mexico,
- Research Center Fernand Seguin, Lafontaine Hospital, Montreal (Canada)
- International Fondation PACE 2000 , Ottawa (Canada)
- Québec University of Montreal (Canada),
- Technological University (Pr Srovnal and Lyons) of Ostrava (Czech Republic)
- LBUM (Pr Cloutier) Montreal University Hospital (Canada)
- Symbios Center (Pr Chaplain et Anderson), Dundee University (Scotland),
- Mathematics Department, Auburn University (Dr Madzvamuse) USA
- Mechanical Engineering Department, Aragon Institute of Engineering Research, Zaragosa (Spain)
- Center for Neuroscience (Pr Bach-y-Rita), University of Wisconsin, USA
- Rui-Jin Hospital of Shanghai (China)
- McGill University, Montreal (Canada)
- Agricultural university of Norway (J. Swenson), Uppsala University (S. Janson), Sweden
- Computing Science and Mathematics Department, (Dr McLean), Stirling University (Scotland)
- PTI Research, Inc., USA

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