The team ThEMAS (Techniques for Evaluation and Modeling of Health Actions) develops an approach to research based on an know-how in terms of method of Valuation of medical information, know-how applied to an end, therisk reduction in the production of health services.

The development of medical information leads the team to work on different types of data:
1) Data already structured, from ad hoc collections, type followed cohort or epidemiological monitoring systems (registers).
2) Data unstructured from pre-existing information systems like medical administrative data (PMSI), medico-technical bases ...
These data are structured prior to use them in order to produce scientific knowledge or indicators of quality health actions.
Production of health services may be related to the interaction between professional actors (medical and paramedical) and non-professional (chronic patients, disabled), in complex organizations in material terms (technological innovation - computerization, automation) and immaterial (organizational innovation, in terms of communication or education).
The purpose of the research team is the reduction of iatrogenic induced complexity.

Research Areas

- Vascular Medicine
- Disability of Child
- Evaluation of Technological Innovations

Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche Cedex

Grenoble INP
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